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Builder apps in the old lc werent handled with the application format thing, there used to be a "builder apps" section to the forums, yet its been eliminated or archived,because obviously it isnt handled in that way anymore.
Anyways, about the screenshots the only ones I currently have are the ones in these two threads
In the second thread you might see tall skyscraper-ish tower made of wool newt to the house or island: Thats also mine, sadly i dont have any more "direct" screenshots of it :c
Ethier way if thats not enough to prove it im alright with re-applying c:
Fallow the rulzz >:U
They call me Shadow, Necroshadow >:3
Posted Aug 4, 14 · Last edited Aug 4, 14 by xcm4xcx
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Seeing as they are not an actual builder app but so many gave positive comment the last step of this is to bring the threads to the Reviewer team. I will let you know the outcome
Posted Aug 5, 14
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So, when resigning I set myself to Supporter. I just realised it doesnt give the architect perks listed in the builders tab!
Posted Aug 16, 14
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Ingame name: mclegend5

Type of Report: rank problem

What happened: not showing rank on forums

When did it happen: 1 month ago :)

Names of accused: no one

Screenshots/Evidence: Null, look on forums when im on and look at me ingame when im on.

Edit- Proof of rank. ~Elf

Posted Sep 15, 14 · Last edited Sep 15, 14 by MarkElf2204
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