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LegendaryCraft has wide range of amazing builds and a massive expanse of area to explore! It features a wide open market which supports a thriving economy, you can do anything from build a home to open up a business.

Overdue update

Emmr posted Jan 22, 14

Its been while since something has been posted here and has become somewhat 'misleading' so I thought I'd give you guys a little recap on whats happened over the past month or so.

  • Since the last post on the homepage LegendaryCraft has reopened. Although you guys are still pouring into the server and doing what you do best, the server is still having a few problems and we are doing our best to bring things back up to a stable point. At the moment crashes appear to be a regular occurrence along with the occasional rollback. We are currently unsure of what is causing this to happen as the console is popping out no errors, guess we will just have to continue digging deeper (:

  • Unfortunately, our previous Staff Manager, Chance_FTW has resigned his place here on LegendaryCraft due to his busy schedual with school and other more important real life things. Chance did a lot for us, if it wasn't for him LegendaryCraft would be a memory in the past, for that we thank you Chance. For all the time and effort you put into this server to make us happy. If you would like to leave a personal thank you to Chance you can do so on his wall here: http://www.legendarycraft.com/profile/2077760

That is all for now LegendaryCraft
And remember,
Stay Legendary!
snocat Hey Emmr, long time no see. I noticed the rollbacks, they're pretty bad. Have you run a server profile of the plugin tim ...
Freezertroll I just want to thank Emmr for posting this update. As long as there is communication concerning the status of the server ...
SONIC543543123 Legendary craft create is a memory of the past I'm sad now.

A little update

Chance_FTW posted Dec 22, 13
LegendaryCraft will be up soon! Here's a little update:

bretcollie ?Reboot- MOb Arena ? and CREEPERTNT100 Y DID U GRIEF ME!!!!!
bretcollie get back on creepertnt100. and y did the game crash
ritchey88 The lost and forgotten will now have a home at LegendaryCraft! Once you join though you must follow the rules. Nobody ev ...

Changing data centers

Chance_FTW posted Sep 27, 13
Recently we have changed our data center, meaning main will be down for a while until we finish transferring over the server files. I will tell you now, the server files are massive so this will take a while. We will move as quickly as we can, but when it comes down to it, the file transfer speed goes as fast as our host is willing to go. I will update this thread when main is up.
buggger12 So I believe we're all going to be playing soon, cause it looks like they're about done ...
BeastyBoy5000 If i'm right. I think Chance is adding the new version of minecraft and by a picture I saw, they added a new spawn. I ho ...
LightRunner0025 Yah, no one dis chance he is a good guy, thats what self said. I really want to advertise D:

Lc update

Chance_FTW posted Jul 16, 13

Main has been down for a while, we know, but we are currently revamping the server and I think you will like it!

- Main world will be coming back
- Islands will be available for purchase with in-game money
- Nether world will be available
- /np will be coming back
- Finding new land will be easier than ever!

and many more! Stay tuned!

We are now live! Join @ mc-lc.com

jman914 Am i one of the only people who still likes LC.. cause nobody is posting and also does anyone know around what time tomo ...
MrMonkeyMan64 When will LC or MINECADE be up? Now both of them are down ...
IciclePalace i can join minecade from the super craft bros ip i think legendarycraft is now not in minecade
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