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LegendaryCraft has wide range of amazing builds and a massive expanse of area to explore! It features a wide open market which supports a thriving economy, you can do anything from build a home to open up a business.

Changing data centers

Chance_FTW posted Sep 27, 13
Recently we have changed our data center, meaning main will be down for a while until we finish transferring over the server files. I will tell you now, the server files are massive so this will take a while. We will move as quickly as we can, but when it comes down to it, the file transfer speed goes as fast as our host is willing to go. I will update this thread when main is up.
XenonoreX Voted HI Chance
oliverr41 I remember this... Good times... [img]https://pbs.twimg.com/media/BmY73t3IYAANH0x.jpg:large[/img] ...
buggger12 So I believe we're all going to be playing soon, cause it looks like they're about done ...

Lc update

Chance_FTW posted Jul 16, 13

Main has been down for a while, we know, but we are currently revamping the server and I think you will like it!

- Main world will be coming back
- Islands will be available for purchase with in-game money
- Nether world will be available
- /np will be coming back
- Finding new land will be easier than ever!

and many more! Stay tuned!

We are now live! Join @ mc-lc.com

jman914 Am i one of the only people who still likes LC.. cause nobody is posting and also does anyone know around what time tomo ...
MrMonkeyMan64 When will LC or MINECADE be up? Now both of them are down ...
IciclePalace i can join minecade from the super craft bros ip i think legendarycraft is now not in minecade

Hey Lc, 
As most of you know already, the market got deleted from the island bug. We are currently fixing this issue and expect the market to be up by next week. For now, take advantage of your chest shops! I will update this news post when the market is fixed, thank you.
Rainbow_King21 Could I ask a Super-Admin to give me my premium rank that I haven't received yet. Thankyou
kittycats59 Voted hey I need help I purchased VIP and I cannot fly or do /md pig it just says something like u cannot do that ...
xxxioxx need help getting started, protecting land or making money? message me!!(in game or on forums) tell me what you need hel ...
Hey guys!
We are still running on 1.5.1, so don't update your clients just yet. I will update this news post when it is safe to update.

EDIT: We are now running on 1.5.2. You may now update.
creeperfrost outdated server? fix this please! this server is the best
Trystan8585 x hey owners admins im damn bored I just got back from vacation and saw that lc was on so please if you will make me mod a ...
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