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LegendaryCraft has wide range of amazing builds and a massive expanse of area to explore! It features a wide open market which supports a thriving economy, you can do anything from build a home to open up a business.

As you guys know, we have reset. To keep you in the loop, I want to clarify some things.

Along with Builder and Architect, we have added the ranks Artisan and Creator. While Artisan will be quite a bit harder than Architect to attain, Creator will be very hard. We want to keep it as a very rare and impressive rank. These ranks come with a prefix and additional commands in game and a tag on the forums, just like any other rank. Here are the updated perks for the builder ranks:



1 free 30 x 30 plot (ask a reviewer)



/kit stone

/kit wood

Water/Lava placement

1 free 50 x 50 plot (ask a reviewer)




/kit log

/kit glass

/kit clay

1 free 100 x 100 plot (ask a reviewer)



Access to the Titan World(Creative)

Staff requested world edit with a 2,000 block limit

Along with these ranks, we have also added a Reviewer tag here on the forums. Individuals with this tag will be the people who deal with Architect, Artisan, and Creator applications. Builder applications will still be decided by the staff team as a whole. There are now four separate applications, one for each builder rank. Players will only be able to apply for the next builder rank. For example, a builder will only have access to an Architect application, etc. Get building!

Other Stuff


You may or may not have noticed this player in-game with a Manager prefix. She was appointed by Pablosky101. She is here to help, and the staff team and I are ecstatic to have her. She has connections to not only the owners of Legendarycraft, but many developers as well. Problems with the server and plugins have never been solved faster. With her, you will see the server grow bigger and better faster than ever, like it deserves.


Don’t be alarmed, this is not a glitch. I, along with Jason7571, have been appointed the Journalist tag, allowing us to post on the home page. The upper staff have decided that we do not use it as much as we could be, as it is a great place to keep players updated. Therefore, you will be seeing a lot from the homepage from now on. We will post information about plugins, events, and anything you guys need to know here, so be sure to check in every once in a while.

Necroshadow & ImBlue_-

Necro is to thank for not only the banner used on this post, but also the new banners on the builders tab. Blue has remade the architect tag, and made the three new tags for Artisan, Creator, and Reviewer. Thanks!

Peckpeck2001 Are these ranks for the server like the old build server or are these for something else? And also will old donors be ge ...
bickfordboys @ LegendaryCraft
Thats Cool.
Frabbley Really glad the home page will be updated more often. Also glad everything on LC is starting to get better. Thanks staff ...
Legendary Craft is back!

For the last few days, the Legendary Craft staff have been working hard to set up the brand new Legendary Craft. We have added many new features and perks for you to enjoy any explore. I'm happy to say that TITAN is back! Titan's you also get what you were promised a year ago, a Titan World. We have added new Builder ranks, a live map and a change the website theme. In the near future LC will be getting added back to Minecade. We also will be adding some new plugins to give you a better experience on Legendary Craft.

The LC8 download will be posted here soon. It's uploading right now. Expect a 7GB file.

LC8 World Download
Download Here
hwrichardson9999 I download it and it says the archive is damaged
danfluff Will the servers ever be back up again? I had VIP on it and I think it might have been deleted.. ...
bickfordboys @ LegendaryCraft

When will 1.8 come out?

Spencie37 a posted May 17, 14
For the last few months, Minecraft 1.8 had a time frame on when Mojang was going to release. But on May 15, 2014, Dinnerbone (Minecraft Developer) responded to this tweet.

When Minecraft 1.8 has a official release date. You will be notified on
Spencie37 a Voting does work.
moefoemonkey it doesn't work for me
XenonoreX Voted Does voting work?

Overdue update

Emmr posted Jan 22, 14

Its been while since something has been posted here and has become somewhat 'misleading' so I thought I'd give you guys a little recap on whats happened over the past month or so.

  • Since the last post on the homepage LegendaryCraft has reopened. Although you guys are still pouring into the server and doing what you do best, the server is still having a few problems and we are doing our best to bring things back up to a stable point. At the moment crashes appear to be a regular occurrence along with the occasional rollback. We are currently unsure of what is causing this to happen as the console is popping out no errors, guess we will just have to continue digging deeper (:

  • Unfortunately, our previous Staff Manager, Chance_FTW has resigned his place here on LegendaryCraft due to his busy schedual with school and other more important real life things. Chance did a lot for us, if it wasn't for him LegendaryCraft would be a memory in the past, for that we thank you Chance. For all the time and effort you put into this server to make us happy. If you would like to leave a personal thank you to Chance you can do so on his wall here:

That is all for now LegendaryCraft
And remember,
Stay Legendary!
iSpeck Voted Website minitag is a blue rectangle that says 'voted' in white on it. It appears next to your name in the same sized wri ...
XenonoreX Voted What's a website mini tag?
snocat Hey Emmr, long time no see. I noticed the rollbacks, they're pretty bad. Have you run a server profile of the plugin tim ...
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